T and T Cleaning And Restoration

Tarp offs and Board ups

Image Of damaged ceiling

T & T has seen it all. You can feel confident that we will restore order and mitigate further damage by properly boarding up destroyed property or tarping damaged roofing until permanent repairs can be scheduled. These services are generally covered by insurance so don't wait. We will handle the insurance every step of the way so that you can be worry free.

Emergency Tarping

Tarping a roof is a temporary repair to be performed in a safe environment by a professional until a licensed contractor/roofer is available to complete final repairs. Board-Ups provide immediate security to your premises until permanent repairs can be preformed. These emergency situations require immediate attention to prevent further damage or loss.

Emergency Boarding

Board ups are a temporary security measure used to prevent further damage to the property or unauthorized entry.

Don't Wait

We provide 24 hour emergency board ups and tarp offs. Don't wait until the damage gets worse and the repair costs go up.

Call Us

If foul weather is on the way or if your home or business has had a break in or other damage to your doors or windows, you should consider calling T & T Cleaning & Restoration for your 24hr emergency roof tarping and board up needs. In most cases your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of getting professional water/flood damage services including full restoration. We bill directly to your insurance company!


When disaster strikes be it monsoon flooding or a break in, you can count on our certified technicians at T & T Cleaning and Restoration to quickly respond and prevent any further damage to your property.