T and T Cleaning And Restoration

Air Duct Cleaning &
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Image Of air duct being scrubbed

Air duct cleaning is a great way to remove harmful allergens, dust and other substances from the air in your home. This will improve air quality and is sure to help with allergies. Dryer vent cleaning is another important task to be carried out by trained professionals every once in awhile. This is important since it will keep your dryer running efficiently while also removing a major fire hazard from the vent system.

The T & T Process


When it comes to cleaning air vents our well trained technicians know what they are doing and will use only the best most powerful equipment for the job. The First step the the cleaning process is to inspect all of the areas to be cleaned and inform you of all of the costs before starting.


The second step to our air duct cleaning service is to remove all of the covers and detach the duct from the dryer so that we have access to the vents and ducts. Once this is done we will thoroughly clean the vent covers to ensure that when they are replaced they won't still have dust and allergens attached to them.


The third step to the air duct cleaning process is to utilize the high powered 3-in-one-tools which will scrub, vacuum and polish each air duct until they are all clean. This process will ensure that you won't need any more duct work cleaning for an extended period of time and will result in cleaner air circulating through your property. The dryer vents will become lint free and they will no longer be a major fire hazard for your home.


The last step of the cleaning process is to move the dryer back into position and reconnect the dryer vent for a dryer vent cleaning. For an air duct cleaning, we will take all of the air duct covers and place them all back into their rightful places. The result will be significantly better airflow and air quality.


After our professional and certified technicians have thoroughly cleaned your air ducts and dryer vents you can rest assured that you no longer have any fire hazards sitting in your vents. Your air will be cleaner, your dryer will work better and dry quicker. The air duct cleaning cost is only $30.00 per vent so call now to have us schedule an appointment, and don't forget to look at our specials page for great deals!